About Homo on the Range

14705688_10101058770976732_5585107413226492078_nHomo on the Range is a state of mind. It’s the audacity to be yourself, anywhere. It’s the boldness to standout. It’s the courage to keep going. It’s wide-open spaces, full of unlimited possibilities. One does not have to be a “homo” nor live “on the range” to be part of it.

Anyone who dares to be an individual in a culture of conformity is already a homo on the range.

Homo on the Range began as a monthly column for the Wichita-based Naked City Magazine in March of 2009. Author Jason Dilts created it to give a voice to the unique perspective one gains by being out and gay in a conservative state like Kansas. Political battles over gay rights have focused largely on the coasts, but it’s Middle America where hearts and minds must truly be won over. There’s a lot more to Kansas than flat land; Homo on the Range uncovers the more (rainbow) colorful side of Kansas! Striking a tone of understanding and seeking resolution, his words have explored issues such as Midwestern isolation, generational shifts, religion, body image, eating disorders, diversity, and brain drain’s pink-haired step-child, “the gay-away.” Each piece aims to go deeper into the issues that affect LGBT people and explores fresh perspectives on common problems, while ultimately offering up a rainbow of hope. In April of 2012, Jason moved all previously published Homo on the Range columns online and started posting regular updates to this blog to continue the conversation.

Homo on the Range remains a work in progress because until we have equality everywhere, we’re going to have a lot to discuss. Jason opens himself up in a brutally honest manner in an attempt to further that dialogue. Sometimes his words are uncomfortable, but uncomfortable is always compelling.  From amber waves of alienation to golden grains of understanding, Homo on the Range is as vast as the prairieland itself.


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  1. Curtis Knauss
    Jun 15, 2021 @ 13:10:27

    Hi Jason, my name is Curtis Knauss and I actually was referred to you by your cousin, Dr. Sherry Glover. I found that we have a lot in common, mainly with the feeling and idea of “I didn’t ask to be gay, this is just who I am” and live unapologetically in my truth and being okay with whatever comes of that. From what I read from your website it seems that we have quite a bit in common in the way we think and for that I am grateful to have found someone that can share their wisdom to someone who might not have as much experience or maybe hasn’t been through as much adversity as others. I loved how you stated “sometimes his words are uncomfortable, but uncomfortable is always compelling.”, I think that is such a powerful mind set to have. I’ve found that there is no better feeling than being able to sit in your own discomfort, work your way through it (however long that takes), and then flip the script to enjoy it and make it more comfortable so you can live in peace… and like yourself make it more relatable for others that may also be struggling. I look forward to hearing from you and elaborating more in the future. I hope you have a great rest of your week! Sincerely, Curtis Knauss.


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